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Park Fiction

The suggestion for the edification of Antoni parks in Hamburg was created in 1994 in Hafenrandverein for Independent Living in St. Pauli e.V. until final completion but went even further eleven years. He was eventually located in August of 2005 at eröffnet.Antonipark1Er Elbhochufer near the St. Pauli Hafenstraße. Residents of this district and public institutions at the time called for a park open to the public, since the area around the present Antoni Park because of the direct adjacent to St. Pauli and the Altona fish market was very crowded around Antoni. The idea was born in Hamburg. Meanwhile, he has become an island of tranquility for residents and visitors. The plant, which was named Antoni is very popular.

One can marvel at the roof of the gymnasium of St. Pauli the “flying carpet” and the “tea garden with palm trees.” Furthermore, there are “at Antoni” the “tulip field”, the “garden of the modest politician” and a dog park with Poodle designs. A unique view of the bed of the Elbe and its port has the public balcony of the gym. Everywhere you find palm of steel, since real plants would not survive the harsh and cold winter in the park. In nearby churchyard there is a reading and relaxation garden and a bowling alley. In the east you can look at the seating steps and terraces of the Park Schauermanns park with boardwalks. The lush greenery and the apple trees there invite you to linger and breathe.
How enstand of Antoni Park?

The park with the beautiful name Antoni could arise “Park Fiction” only by the citizens’ initiative. For the design of their residential area many individual projects and ideas of residents of Hamburg came together. These thoughts of men can be found in the Park Fiction , which was designated as Antoni execution again. Everywhere in the garden rooms and equipment they have been implemented.

The site in Hamburg was realized and produced by the Environment Agency, the Urban Development Authority and other competent authorities. There are combines relaxation and adventure. While you can relax in the park, it goes from there to neighboring Reeperbahn in St. Pauli in the pure pleasure. When temperatures rise, it would be a high number of visitors. In the colder months, the number of guests, but decimated.

Also for the physical well-being of people passing through is well catered for. It there are different cafes, such as the “poodle”, a locality that is similar to a wooden barn on the side part of the park, or the “amphora”. In this restaurant you can have breakfast as well as lunch.
Videos Antoni Park

How to get to Antoni Park?

3The Antoni park located largely in Hamburg’s Altona-Altstadt on the border with St. Pauli. It lies directly on the banks of the Elbe, at the intersection Pinnasberg / Antoninus / Bernhard-Nocht / St.Pauli Hafenstraße. By car the Antoni Park is very easy to reach. From the main station starting on the Heidi cable space, Ernst-Merck-Str., Steintorwall, Steinstr., Speersort, Domstr., Willy-Brandt-Str., Rödlingsmarkt, Baumwall, Vorsetzen, Johannisbollwerk for St.Pauli Hafenstr., Achieved of motorists in just ten minutes from the Antoni Park. Near the park there is a difficult parking situation. The closest parking will be given at the fish market.
By public transport to Antoni Park

Due to the little existing parking, it is highly recommended to use public transportation as subway and train or bus. To go with the S1, S2 or S3 to station “Reeperbahn”. The output “Pepermölenbek” we walk towards the Elbe. After turn left into Pinnasberg and follow this road to the end. The journey takes about manageable ten minutes.

Another possibility is the S- or U-Bahn (S1, S2, S3 or U3) to take to the station “Landungsbrücken”. Arrived, get on the bus line 112 to Neumühlen and continue until the stop “Hafentreppe”. The Antoni Park is the stop opposite. Those who want to “jetties” running from the station, also takes about ten minutes and then comes to the target.
In summary, there are the following possibilities for Antoni Park to reach:

By car in the Antoni Park
The S- or underground
By bus

As for Antoni Park convenience
auto                               ok
Public transport Super

The most convenient way to get there by public transport in the Antoni Park.

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