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Choosing The Right International School in Singapore

When it comes to a child’s development and education, getting the right schooling is crucial. Parents often scour through a lot of information online beforehand, and also try to get references from friends and familyto zero in on a schoolthat is best suited to their children.  It is important to know the school’s philosophy, the curriculum, facilities, infrastructure, the faculty, and the teaching style. With those core concepts in mind, we looked at a few international schools in Singapore(can we name 1-3 schools name and highlight CIS?) and The Canadian Kindergarten School Singapore is one of the top choices for parents as it offers excellent infrastructure, an IB programme, a vibrant learning community that is made up of more than 70 nationalities and a curriculum based on best practices known worldwide.

The CIS Education Programme

Lets not use this image as this article aims to not associate with CIS and it’s a review from an outsider.

3What interests parents the most is the curriculum. The curriculum cannot be an isolated aspect. It must integrate well with the school’s mission and education philosophy. With the CIS’ mission to Engage, Enlighten, and Empower students, parents can expect well-rounded programmes that let students learn and thrive.(We will be changing our mission statement). CIS believes that the IB programme is best suited to provide a structure to its overall education programme, and it is incorporated in educating children from the age of 3 to 18 at primary, middle and diploma levels. IB enables great flexibility to families who plan on relocatingto other countries; children can continue with the same curriculum in a different country that follows IB. With IB setup at the periphery, these five important elements of school education are encompassed: Academics, Athletics and Activities, Service and Leadership, Outdoor Learning, and Arts and Creativity. The adoption of STEAM education is another initiative that helps students to get a better understanding of critical and logical subjects with arts and creativity.

Early Learning at CIS

Lets not use this image as this article aims to not associate with CIS and it’s a review from an outsider.

The play-based approach that is followed at CIS has been proven to be the best for imparting knowledge to young children. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) encourages a fun approach to teaching. With a well-balanced exposure to indoor and outdoor learning, educators aim to stimulate young minds that are highly receptive and to transform them into fast learners. Parents’ role ineducating the young ones are recognized well at CIS and the school has a dedicated parent-child programme where fun activities and sessions are arranged.


Lets not use this image as this article aims to not associate with CIS and it’s a review from an outsider.

Education doesn’t stop at the classroom, and at CIS, there is special emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities. The school provides many opportunities that allow students from grade 1 to 12 to enjoy sports both competitively and for recreation. Badminton, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, and soccer are just among a long list of sports facilitiesavailable at CIS.Students can be part of clubs that offer vibrant student activities to experience team building and co-learning. There are clubs dedicated to Chemistry, photography, chess, debating and even knitting amongst many others.

Unique Offerings

CIS offers several unique opportunities to its students. To name a few, the One to World programme is aimed at learning how to use digital technology, STEAM for fluid learning between different subjects and topics, the Bilingual programme for ages 4-10 years opting to learn English and Chinese, and the Arts programme that syncs creative arts with mainstream academics.

CIS currently offers its programmes through 2 campuses:

Lakeside Campus

7 Jurong West Street 41

Singapore 649414


TanjongKatong Campus

371 TanjongKatong Road

Singapore 437128


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