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Download XMOD Games APK for Android & iOS

XMOD games can be a super mobile game assistant tool with some other mods for Jail broken idevices and Rooted Android device. This Application includes mods/accelerators for decent games. XMOD Application instantly detects all the installed games within your device & checks if there’s any assistance designed for that game. It’s much easier to setup mods and launch the game.

For COC enthusiasts, it’s an amazing tool with Auto Search, Keep Active, Sandbox Attack plus much more! I am using Android therefore i do this tutorial on Android. However, this application may also be designed for Xmod Games Download. That can be done the identical inside your iDevice!

Xmod Games 3

Enable you to search satisfied opponents: It can help you search another players instantly, you won’t need to click Next any more! You’ll find 5 selections for the searching: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Trophy and Maximum Town Hall. You’ll be able to set the quantity of loot, Trophy or Town Hall to get anything you like! The program stop Whether or not this obtain an opponent that satisfy all the conditions. (XMODgames clash of clans Android)

Find villages with outdoors TH: For sniping Town Hall and growing your trophies while using Max Town Hall Distance from Edge feature. If you open this feature, where’s a scrollbar appear. The quantity round the scrollbar means the area (tile) within the TH for the corner. In my opinion you have to pick a number from 1-4.

Strengthen your village be always online (Keep Active): This feature may help your village remain on the web and can not be disturbed by other players.

Let you sandbox attack other players for practicing (Sandbox Attack): This feature is super awesome! Enable you to simulate an anxiety attack should you visit or scout a village. Well suited for testing just before doing an anxiety attack in Clan war! Don’t waste a star!

Choose certain troops for your enemy Clan Castle (max 35 troops).

Pick troops for that sandbox attack. You’ll be able to pick all troops you need with unlimited volume of them. From now, no need to teach troops just before doing the attack.

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