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Pioneer car stereos are more affordable than ever!

Description: The Pioneer’s MVH-AV290BT digital multimedia receiver gives you Bluetooth connectivity, outstanding sound, brilliant video, and even a rear-view camera input.

It has been a while since I consider upgrading the car radio but with all the commune I do the factory car radio is no longer satisfying my needs. Since back in the day I have always been a fan of pioneer car radios. They are affordable, reliable, and not too shabby in the performance department either!

I had not consider changing the radio in my Nissan because it is equipped with what is called a double din head unit. These size of radios have a tendency of being a little pricey. So you can imagine how surprised I was that when shopping an online store call CarAudioNear.Me I find myself a double-DIN Pioneer MVH-AV290BT touch screen receiver for under $200.

Pioneer car

The Pioneer MVH-AV290BT has everything from Bluetooth to graphic equalizer. Yes, you heard me right Bluetooth! You can now bring the wonders of the wireless entertainment available in your phone to your car and control everything via a sleek touch screen digital media receiver such as the Pioneer MVH-AV290BT. This new Pioneer car stereo gives you Bluetooth connectivity, awesome sound quality and brilliant video that includes rearview camera capabilities at an incredible price.

Why Bluetooth, well it makes all the sense in the world. With Bluetooth connectivity you have access to more media and less wires to worry about. You can enjoy things like hands-free calling along with having access to all the music and videos already store in your smart phone or tablet.

You no longer have to listen to radio commercials you can now take your music for you Jim ready to the car and enjoy your own digital music library, packed costs, and or audio books. All of this via a central 6.2 inch touch screen that is considerably less distracting than messing around we are phone.

With the Pioneer MVH-AV290BT you’re not just limited to Bluetooth connectivity if you enjoy your music from other sources you can use the USB accessory input to connect devices such as an iPod, and iPhone, and or any other device with a USB connection.

Like if that was not enough the fact that this digital multimedia receiver has full video capabilities for under $200 is really amazing. While they own – video only works if the car is stopping the emergency brake is engaged this feature is still extremely rare in a head unit at this price point. Furthermore, this feature also allows for the integration of a rearview camera. While rearview cameras have become standard in many high-end vehicles it is not for a lot of entry-level sports utilities and compact cars. The video controls in the Pioneer MVH-AV290BT also allow you to send the video to rear seat screens so your passengers will have something to watch while you drive.

Not in my wildest dream would I have believed that you could get all of these features in a receiver from a leading brand such as Pioneer for under $200. To think that I have been running around with a broken CD player and crappy FM reception for the last year and a half not knowing I had this option.

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