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Diversion Safes – If it Looks and Talks Like a Soda

Did you ever hear of the Diversion Safe? Lots of people haven’t and they are passing up on among the neatest gadgets ever invented.

Many people call these items by other names — Can Safes, Fake Safes, even decoy safe but I love to consider them as Disguised Safes.

Why? Just because a Diversion Safe feels and looks the same as the things they represent, e.g. RC Cola Can, Ajax Cleanser, etc. That’s since they’re! These everyday objects observed in any house are useless and also have a twist off bottom or top. They’re also usually weighted to seem like they are full.

These amazing products come in several shapes and sizes — usually by means of cans however, you will also find Safes disguised as Candle lights, Books, Thermal Coffee Mugs, Flower Containers, Electrical Outlets as well as Pillows.

hidden safe 4

You just put your belongings within the useless regions of the Safe after which just place it where it would belong.

Burglars do not have enough time to consider loot so that they visit the most typical places, usually your bed room bureau, underneath the bed mattress or rug, folded up socks, even just in the freezer. Regrettably a lot of us haven’t come far when attempting to cover our belongings.

Well, Thanks For Visiting The Twenty-First Century!

Place a Diversion Safe anywhere in the home or office it would ‘fit’ the decor. I mean ,, don’t place a 7 Up Soda Can Safe inside your medicine cabinet or perhaps an Engine Degreaser Can Safe inside your kitchen. A dumb thief could easily get a mite suspicious.

These handy products are an easy way to maintain your belongings from ‘making a burglar’s day’. Every house must have some. Remember, they portable so that you can bring them on holiday along with you. You can now have a Diversion Safe that appears the same as shaving cream or hairspray to maintain your belongings safe whenever you leave your motel room.

And what about your coed — Diversion Safes could be ideal for dorms room or frat house.

And, they create wonderful gifts. They’re unique and affordable and can reveal that you place lots of thought in selecting a present. When you demonstrate how it operates I’ve got a feeling the person would prefer to get a Thermal Mug Diversion Safe than the usual shirt anytime.

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