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Corvette C5 Car Stereo Upgrade

Description: You no longer have to deal with the crappy Bose sound system in your C5 Corvette. Thos $1000 car stereo upgrade will outperform anything that BOSE has ever produced!

Given the current state of the economy, I have decided to keep 2004 Corvette instead of trading it in for a new one. The truth is that if you take a look at my car you be amazed at how well kept It is. Yes, I do have a garage but is more than that. I change the oil and other fluids on a regular schedule and make a point of detailing it at least once a month. The only reason I was thinking of trading or selling it is the crappy Bose system it came with it is starting to act up. The right speaker plays whenever he wants, and every once in a while I get a loud squeal from the left one.


I have been asking around at several car stereo stores near me, and everyone tells me the same thing either pay or yank the entire Bose system out of there. The problem is that I can’t afford to yank the whole thing out, not all at once anyway, so I have been buying one component at the time here and another one there at places like CarAudioNear.Me, Amazon and even eBay. I now have all the components necessary to rip the entire system out and start from scratch. My selection of components was not base on brands and perhaps even quality as some people suggest. I purchased things that were on sale, and that fit my vehicle. The C-5 Corvettes has a Bose 4-inch speakers on the doors and 6.5-inch on the back. The biggest complaint everybody has over the Bose system is that it lacks high-frequency response the system sounds muddy and dull.

Well, my layout is pretty straightforward and simple. I will be using a Clarion CZ302 Car CD Receiver with Parrot Bluetooth technology mounted on a Metra 99-3300 dash kit. I like this radio because the illumination matches my dash pretty well and it lacks all the flashing lights and stuff many head unit nowadays have. For the front door, I have chosen the Kenwood Excelon KFC-X183C, this is a pair of oversized, 7-inch, 2-way coaxial with awesome midbass. Mounting the door speakers require adapters. There are several pre-made plastic units in the market but because I am using an oversize speaker I made some from .25 MDF. In addition to having tweeters on the dash, I have installed a pair of CLARION (SRG213H) G-Series 1 Inch Balanced Drive Tweeters on the pillars. This tweeter will be powered by the head unit while the door speakers by the amp. The rear speakers are Alpine SPS-610 2-Way 6.5-inch Coaxials. Choosing the rear speakers was tricky because the front speakers are only 87db sensitive, and the majority of 6.5 Inch speakers on the market are 90 or better. The amp is a Kenwood eXcelon XR900-5 Digital 5-Channel Power Amplifier. I chose this map for two reasons. It is small, and all the connection are on one side. That is important because the amp sits right between the two Oz Audio OzV-8.2S4 Vector Series 8-inch subwoofers in a custom enclosure right behind the seats.

I understand that this is not a state of the art system, but it is 100 miles better than the crappy factory Bose system. For under $1000 and a little bit of work, that I enjoyed, I am pretty happy with the outcome. Everyone who has sat in the car has been impressed, and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it without hesitation especially after a demo of the 2017 Vette with the Bose system.

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