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epangkat MOE

epangkat MOE is once long carved in stone in the system. But multiple manage not recognize, not caring or not yield out approximately keweujudannya. KPM ePangkat program is built to manage the promotion of teachers. They are off the rack to skulk any slips or mistakes in the authority and facilitation.

Actually, this was the alternately time epangkat be online on August 21, 2008 everywhere to avert internal weaknesses one as the ranks of authority and enrollment processing shackle also obstruct getting promotion. In opening, problems a well known as duplication of affairs in the recommendations and the promotion behavior is also suited to push the thought of the MOE.
Previously, distinctive problems arise to the size that there are teachers who are not promoted for of issues one as impaired information, the story supplied is not unassailable, the advice provided are not updated and there are manifold more. Because of this systematic case caused many losses. Therefore, an summary and the interpretation of this great route that we urgently call the ePangkat.

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