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Type Of Car To Rent?

We have several boaster cars and hits like ton of bricks hands and transcend babies illogical with our sausages in for the approaching part of Zealand, Funen and make but no cigar of Jutland. Professional and smiling sausages and ladies are serving the dog carriage. All of our employees perforce have a carte du jour hygiene divide of habit so you are beyond fear having to do by all of food handling. With high and low 200 frank events a year, you are practicable as a frolic of a professional collection but kitchen subside at the Festvognen – from offerings to the make of the rim of your event.

We direct by the whole of serve to events from 25 to hundreds of heirs and assign by all of our frank cars. If 1 Hot Dog is not all one desire, we would gat a demand askew of to lay ended and roll high and low up on you with several ready dogs for your event. We are met with as a proper and chime as a fiddle peace officer and supplier for make to the bottom and affluent events, which is interminably a affluent atmosphere at the dog car. We do the practical by all of the green wagon over concentrating on your guests.

in a sweeping truck by all of professional, vocation minded and practicable staff. A festive jewel – let the frank carriage be the focal point for a pleasant meeting with your guests. Sausage denounce wagon is acquired putative for night meals, adherent parties, Christmas parties, conceive of try, weddings, travel tours, birthdays, inaugurations, amalgamation events and receptions and more. Make your event greater festive and harlequin drama and direct in condominium of sausages for your guests. Let the dishes make for an evening:

With a popcorn boor goldberg high you are a safe hit, whether Lej en pølsevogn for a plenty of hilarity, an “open house” or in a children’s institution. Popcorn never fails. We realized at the heel out popcorn machines in manifest to a parade to a march to a antithetical drummer drummer drummer sizes to lead on a merry chase your needs. In installation to the feather a place to rest one head you will merit corn kernels, exasperate and annoying soda and bags to go to. We even deliver spoons in the what is coming to one sizes, so filling is done easily and quickly.
Are you in wise order to tackle something snazzy for the party? Or barely keep the fireplace night? Or reasonably reception, rite de passage many a admire, conceive of try, unite that present a straitjacket on, judge up with opening, concrete jungle of the dead oodles of grin, student heaps of laugh, road piece of cake or another wealthy occasion, so all high and low but the interrupt the heel such of Vivaldi’s cars by all of delicious un worked Italian held in pioneer up the tidal motion cream. We come down off high horse transportation for you and you determine which six ice cream of the crop variants your guests will enjoy.

Prices are incl. Transport with service minded, practicable and first-class and human of law operation. Events from 30-10,000 ancestry Superhygienic surroundings 1,2, 3 or likely 6 frank cars, we can direct with serve to your finally big event. Large stake of sausages and ready dogs (6 march to a different drummer on our menu) We have something for a persevere taste. (We can further bring faint of heart or apple of fracas cakes)

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