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Home Loans : 3 Things to Look for in a Lender

Selecting a good home loan lender in Colorado requires a little research. There are many types of lenders operating within the state. These include traditional financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Furthermore, applicants can apply with mortgage companies. Regardless of chosen method for obtaining financing, borrowers must consider several factors when looking for a lender.

Trustworthy Mortgage Lenders

Choosing a dishonest lender will cost a borrower more money. In most instances, home loan lenders strive to get their clients the best rate on the mortgage. However, in an effort to increase their profit, some lenders charge higher rates on the loan. For example, a borrower may qualify for a rate of 7%. Yet, the lender charges a rate of 7.5%, and pockets the difference. Home buyers who shop around for the best rate can avoid shady lenders. On the other hand, person’s who accept a loan without comparing other offers will risk paying more for their home.

The only method of avoiding a dishonest cerco socio lender is conducting research. Ask real estate agents, family, or friends for a recommendation. Moreover, take advantage of mortgage brokers. Brokers are useful, and can provide a buyer with multiple loan offers.

Is the Lender Regulated by the State?

3With the exception of Alaska, mortgage brokers and lenders are regulated by the state. This way, borrowers avoid working with lenders who have been disciplined for theft, deceit, etc. Each lender in Colorado must adhere to rules established by federal and state agencies. To research a mortgage lender in Colorado, borrowers may contact The Division of Securities under the Department of Regulatory Agencies. This department provides valuable information on companies offering mortgage loans throughout the state.

Avoid Pushy Mortgage Lenders

Even though mortgage lenders are supposed to look out for the best interest of their clients, some lenders will encourage borrowers to buy more expensive homes. Certain loans, such as adjustable rates and interest-only, allow borrowers to afford more house. In fact, Colorado has the highest percentage of buyers choosing ARM,s and other dangerous loan programs, which offer low payments during the first few years. A fixed rate guarantees predictable payments, which lowers the chances of foreclosure.

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