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QacQoc GN30H – A USB hub type-C thatsimplyworks

The HUB is a solution (sometimeseventheonlyone [cf the Apple MacBook]) toovercomethe lack ofconnectivityofyourhardware. Ifyouuseyour Hybrid PC, Ultrabook or Android tabletforvirtuallyeverything, you’regoingtoneedmorethan just a USB Type-C port.

This smallextensionistheretotakeadvantageofthe power and universalityofthe USB 3.1 port. It will beabletotransfer, connecttothenetwork, broadcastimage and even power supply in bothdirections. Here isoneof HUB: The QacQoc GN30H. A 6 in 1 lightweightaluminumdevice and especiallycompatiblemultisystem: Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android!

Presentedthefirst time at the Mix Show # 2 where I explainedthereasonsforthistest. Here is a videodedicatedtothisproducttosee a littlewhatithas in thebelly! The videomade 13 minutesbecause I wantedtominimizethecuts in ordertoshowthe real timesofloadsduringthetransferoffiles …

58d0d7cabc3ae-0In thisvideo, we will testifthedevicecan do anythingyouwant, and especially: at the same time. Screen sharing, deviceloading, filetransferbetween USB 3.0 and external harddrive, SD cardreader … We will seeifthedevicefulfillsitspromises, and ifitisfullycompatiblewith an Ultrabook PC all Whatismorestandard: A ACER Swift 3 …I know, thisis not a testasinterestingas a box, PC orsmartphone. But recently, wehad a storythattensedus at work: Howtosharethe Ultrabook PC screens (Acer Swift 3) that 1 HDMI port and 1 USB Type-C port?

Westartedlookingfor HDMI / USB Type-C adapters. Welook at Amazon and paf. THE SOLUTION not even 20 €! Well, wehavesomegear, wetake 3 ofthem at once … 3 dayslater, wereceivetheGrail. It’sgonefor 3 screens per posts! First tests, surprise: Nothing happens !!!

Wetriedagainseveraltimes, attemptedwithoursmartphones in USB Type-C still nothing. Wecontactthe ACER support ofour Ultrabooks (theirserviceisrathercorrect, farfromtheclichés) but theyconfirmed that their machines broadcast the display through the USB 3.1 … Tiredoftesting and lost time ,Wefinallygetconvincedof ACER adaptersthattheyadviseus, but for double theprice: 40 € … After receivingtheadapters, Hooomiracle, itworks.

This storyhasaskedme a lotaboutthese Type-C USB portsofitsvariouscomponents. Are theythe same? Are thereproprietaryrestrictionsfor simple adapters not workinganywhere? Are theysharing screen? Do theyfeedthe PC etc? The 20 € adaptersworkwellsomewhere (Chromebook, Macbook), whataboutcompetingbrands?

A fewweekslater I receive a mail from a brandthatoffersustotesttheir USB HUB Type-C … I retainthatveryrarelyitsrequests but I thoughtthatitcouldbeverifysomethingsabout USB standards 3.1: Are thereexceptionsor not? I accepted and theysentmetheproduct … So: I testedit!




USB Type-C to power thecomputer (ifcompatible)


1x HDMI 1.4

3x USB 3.0

1x microSD

1x SD

1x Ethernet Gigabit

1x USB Type-C


Width: 4.80 cm

Height: 10.50 cm

Thickness: (max) 1.40 cm

Weight: 60 gr

Additional content:

Protective / transportcase

The producthasalmostcompleteconnectivity. Whatisniceistobeableto do severalactions at the same time, withouttoomuchdeterioratingperformance. Itcanthereforebroadcasttheimage, power thecomputer, transferfilestothe PC oranotherconnecteddevice, all at the same time. The productappearstobestable, evenif a smallheatisfelt on themetalpartofthedevice.

Itcanbeconnectedfromany PC with a USB Type-C port. Ifthecomputerhas a USB C 3.1 port, itcanexpandyour screen. You will beabletoshareyour screen thankstoits HDMI portasshown in ourtest. Normally, all machineswith a Type-C USB portshoulddisplaytheimagewithoutanyproblems, unlikesomeadapters, onlyforthe MacBook and Chromebook …

Note thatonlythe power supply will not work on all devices: DELL XPS 12, ASUS Zenbook 3, Samsung Tab Pro S orsomemachinesthatalreadyhave a chargeport (oftenjack).

Itsadvantageisitswidecompatibilitywithsystems, ranging from Windows to MacOS via the Android systems and ofcourse Linux …

In short, itis a multifunctional and verypracticalobject, which will meettheneedsofnomadicmachineswithout USB3.0, HDMI and otherports.

The brand also makes HUB versions, moreorlesscompleteaccordingtotheneeds. Here’sthe GN22B modelthatoffers an HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C chargingport. Itislogicallycheaper, you will find it in the links below …

The most, the least

Even ifthistest was proposedtomebythecompanyQacQoc. Myjudgmentremainsindependentforthisproduct, asistherealizationofthistest and thisvideo. I have not beenpaidbythiscompany, itsimplysentmethisproduct. I was interested in thisproducttoanswer a real question: Are there HUB or USB Type-C adaptersthatwork and others do not? Well I do not reallyhave an answer but in anycaseforthisone, that’sthecase. Elsewhere (seevideo), not always …

The positive points :

Fullconnectivity (USB, SD / microSD, Ethernet, HDMI)

Universal compatibility (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android ..)


Supports multiple simultaneousconnections

“Plug and Play”, easeofuse

Bonus: smallprotectivecaseto carry it

The negative points :

Unprotected metallic connectors (plastic)

Light heating

The bigdifference in pricecomparedto a HDMI / USB Type-C adapter

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