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The Classic Fashion Personality

Greens and Blue 3

The classic dresser includes a straight line method of fashion. She’s one dimensional, conservative and her wardrobe is sturdy and reliable. With regards to clothes, the classic dresser invests for that lengthy haul. She applies to the timeless wardrobe including her products. She likes tailored clothes in classic durable fabrics for example tweed, made of woll blends, cashmere, silk and top quality cotton.

Neutral Palette And A Lot Of Navy

She’s conservative with regards to colours sticking with neutrals or monochromatic colours i.e. one colour in a number of shades. She loves navy. She dresses stylishly and thus her products reflect her fashion personality and therefore are just like tailored and stylish as her clothes. As a result she’ll put money into hand crafted accessories just like a hand crafted leather bag, hand crafted leather purse, handcrafted footwear and sandals etc.

Handcrafted Jewellery

Her jewellery is really as timeless as her clothes and would sustainable fashion accessories with gem necklaces, antique jewellery and handcrafted jewellery. Chunky necklaces aren’t her style as they might be a little too flamboyant on her style. Rather she’ll put on gem necklaces, choker necklaces and hand crafted necklaces. Statement jewellery on her could be wearable art like art deco designs instead of bold coloured necklaces.

Sustainable Fashion …Smart Investment Choices

For that classicist, the latest fashions come and the latest fashions go. She isn’t perturbed as the latest fashions don’t dictate the way in which she dresses. She would rather spend more money on one quality item of clothing than spend loads on discard products.. So in this way she supports sustainable fashion by looking into making smart investment choices in her own wardrobe. She’s reassurance in understanding that she will depend on her behalf neutral colours and dark suits for many years.

She’s comfortable in designs by Pringle of Scotland, among the earliest luxury label on the planet, by American designer Rob Lauren whose fashion exudes elegance, elegance and understatement characteristics typically connected with fashion icons for example Katherine Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana and much more lately Michelle Obama. Therefore the classic dresser is within good company.

This short article was compiled by Arline James-Thomas for Munique Fashion – Munique brings you unique, quality handcrafted fashion and accessories from artisans all over the world. These exotic designs communicate rarity and say something in regards to you the wearer.

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