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Resurrecting Your Sexuality –  Yoga/Qigong Practices

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The Taoist international-view, and its associated yoga/qigong practices, is based totally largely upon an information of the flow of power, within and outside of the human body, and consists of an understanding of sexual power which is a ways more state-of-the-art than something produced by means of western lifestyle. indispensable to this understanding are what are referred to as “The three Treasures.” those 3 Treasures constitute 3 kinds (or vibratory frequencies) of energy determined in the human body: (1) Jing, or generative energy, (2) Qi, or life-pressure strength, and (three) Shen, or religious strength. essential to all qigong/Taoist yoga exercise, including sexual/consort practices, is the waking up of Jing/generative energy and its subsequent transformation into Qi/lifestyles-force power and Shen/non secular electricity. after which, conversely, the transformation of Shen into Qi into Jing. In other words, the Taoist practitioner cultivates the capacity to flow into energy freely between its numerous forms/frequencies: from the maximum primal/mundane to the most subtle/ephemeral … and again again!


How exactly this happens is the situation of a sizeable area of enquiry & practice referred to as inner Alchemy. in case you’re interested by analyzing about inner alchemy via classical Taoist texts, please see Eva Wong’s translations (from the chinese into English): “Harmonizing Yin and Yang,” and “keeping Yin, Embracing Yang.” For a splendid yoga home practice presentation of a chain of qigong practices (which consist of sexual practices), please take a look at out Eric Yudelove’s e book “Taoist Yoga and Sexual power.” on this and subsequent postings, i’ll be introducing a number of those (and associated) practices, but they’re first-rate accomplished in the type of long collection that Eric Yudelove lays out … and/or with the guidance of a flesh-and-blood trainer.


here is a simple exercise that you can try: take a seat at the very edge of a firm instantly-subsidized chair (a wood kitchen chair is right), together with your toes at the floor and your knees at once above your heels. Your sitting bones should be firmly planted at the chair, on the equal time as most of the period of your thighs extends out in front of it. location your arms, palms down, on the front of your thighs, in a way that allows your shoulders to be at ease, and permit your belly be gentle. Take multiple deep breaths, letting cross of any anxiety you locate to your face, jaw, or neck/throat. Smile gently. Then, as you exhale, hinge ahead at your hips, bringing your head down towards the gap between your knees. With the very next inhale, opposite the process so that you’re another time sitting up-proper. And repeat: exhale~down, inhale~up (like a crane, taking sips of water from a lake) … Do your great, with every ahead rotation, to relaxation the complete front-side of your torso onto the the front of your thighs. keep for a minute or , then pause once more in the upright position, and notice how you experience.


the second one a part of the practice is carried out entirely from the upright position (still sitting right at the edge of the chair, along with your feet planted firmly on the ground). It includes coordinating the motion of your breath with the motion of your interest. As you inhale, experience your sitting bones turning into greater heavy, liberating extra absolutely into the chair. (you could imagine that your sitting bones are two heavy diamonds, which you’re going to return to their domestic inside the center of the earth.) As you exhale, sense a spaciousness, enlargement & gentle effervescence on the middle of your heart-area (that region in the back of the sternum/breastbone and in the front of the thoracic backbone). And repeat: inhale~sitting-bones heavy, exhale~coronary heart-middle spacious … retain for a minute or two, then pause, and observe the way you experience.


This easy practice, if achieved frequently, has the power to wake up fields of sensation which might be quite interesting, and exciting … and can serve as a ground for the persevering with cultivation of Jing, Qi & Shen: the 3 Treasures which ~ from the point of view of Taoism ~ are the important thing elements of a healthful sexuality, among many other matters.

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