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Havanese dogs – short records and guide


Havanese Puppies in Miami 2

HAVANESE history


The Havanese dog breed is a cousin to the famous Bichon Frise breed of canine.   Their origins stem from the Mediterranean but the breed is often synonymous with Cuba. This association befell after the Havanese traveled along Mediterranean trading ships from Europe and the Canaries destined for Cuba. There the Havanese flourished and have become pretty admired. The breed was owned generally by aristocrats till they have been used in circuses (because of their sharp mind and playfulness) and sooner or later lost their affluent standing. Havanese puppies are also usually called the Spanish Silk Poodle, or the Havana Silk dog.




they may be numerous characteristics that make the Havanese ideal pets. Being small and cute they’re visible as a exquisite “toy breed”. Havanese love to play but do no longer want immoderate quantities of exercising which appeals to numerous demographics. a number of their different predominant attributes are their playful nature, particular Havanese Puppies for sale in Miami appearance and exceedingly soft coat. Havanese dogs are enormously small in comparison to other breeds. They best measure about 29 centimeters in period while full grown and 6 kilograms in weight.   They usually live among 12-15 years.


while considered a toy breed, the Havanese has a robust construct which separates it from the usual pampered and delicate toy breeds.  Havanese come in various hues together with white, champagne, cream, silver, black, blue, chocolate, or gold. now and again  or three of these colors can be gift adding to the enchantment of these captivating puppies.  As noted in advance the Havanese have an above average dog intelligence. due to their intellect, they are quick to analyze hints and turn out to be obedient.   Their ability to keep in mind enables with training them and their pleasant nature way they’re suitable for kids of all ages.


due to their reputation, natural Havanese puppies on the market can be tough to discover. you will no longer discover this breed at a refuge or typical pet store.  Your fine bet is to go looking on line to find your ideal Havanese in shape as there are many on-line offerings to be had.

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