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i really like to look dandelions.

not just due to the fact they are a stunning yellow, however because it’s miles a sign of a chemical-loose garden.

when I walk my canine Prin this time of yr and at some point of the warmer months, I continually need to be cautious of wherein we are on foot and he’s sniffing. i am by no means concerned for him in a place where dandelions are growing.

Lawns everywhere are handled with chemical weed killers, do weed wackers need oil fertilizers and poisonous pesticides.

As a great deal as i’m towards the usage of toxins on lawns, I do appreciate while human beings take the courtesy to warn us with garden flags that show that region has been treated, however I can’t consider that anybody do this.

if you need to keep weeds below manipulate in your garden with out using chemicals. . . wonder, surprise. . . critical oils can help.

“important Oils for organic Weed control”

i’m no longer encouraging you to use your critical oils to your lawns like we do on our our bodies – due to the fact that would be ridiculously high priced.

however I do want you to recognize that important oils are being studied for organic weed manipulate, and there’s a manner to apply them in which you may not cost a fortune.

A examine has been performed by means of the Appalachian Fruit research Station in West Virginia at the herbicidal results of plant-derived oils (aka critical oils).

Twenty 5 oils were tested for their herbicidal results on dandelion leaves.

The handiest oils determined had been:

–purple thyme
–summer time savory

Cinnamon had the highest herbicidal interest. this is basically because of eugenol, the main factor in cinnamon.

crucial oils may be used without delay at the weeds. Or they can be delivered to different natural products such as herbicidal soaps, to decorate their outcomes.

these soaps work by using penetrating the waxy coating on plant leaves and motive them to dry out.

if you are lively and inclined to spend a piece, you may create a small aggregate of dish cleaning soap and water and add some of those oils and spray in your garden.

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