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Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating one hundred and one


Sealcoating is an vital part of no longer simplest protecting your asphalt from deterioration, however also preserving your parking zone attractive. Many property managers are acquainted with the need to sealcoat their asphalt paving, however have particular questions about the info. often, their questions are very similar, so we concept it satisfactory to collect a list of these regularly asked questions to better help you recognize the fundamentals of sealcoating.

My asphalt has floor cracks that hold coming again. What do I do about them?

before sealcoating it’s miles crucial to seal any current cracks. If left a crack isn’t always stuffed, it’s going to permit water in which could cause harm to the asphalt pavement. If the water penetrates the pores of the surface, or worse, under the asphalt into the base, Asphalt crack sealing pricey asphalt maintenance will be had to repair the damage. Even after an asphalt automobile parking space is sealcoated, if the cracks have not been filled first, this damage can occur.

An important factor to word, if asphalt cracks are crammed properly the primary time, the crack sealing will remaining the existence of the sealcoating. You ought to not see cracks coming lower back!

ought to we’ve got our asphalt parking lot sealcoated each year?

No. even as many sealcoating agencies will try and get you to seal your asphalt yearly, this is simply to pad their wallet! Sealcoating asphalt too much can cause many troubles. most belongings managers do not realise that the first coats of sealer carried out are what virtually shield the asphalt. most of the sealcoating after those preliminary applications are typically for beauty functions handiest.

are we able to sealcoat our car parking zone in hot weather?

yes, but it have to be performed the usage of the proper techniques. As you already know, asphalt can get very hot, specifically in Florida in the course of the summer season. making use of sealer whilst the temperatures are above 90 stages can reason the sealer to dry too speedy. If this happens it is able to peel, flake, or get a streaky end. to be able to observe sealcoat in temperatures above 90 stages, the right method is to spray the surface with a mild mist of water first. This has a cooling effect on the asphalt. as soon as the surface temperature has been reduced, the sealer can adequately be implemented.

A well-paved asphalt paving task can remaining twenty to 40 years if well maintained. Hiring a good paving contractor can prevent cash in the long run. no longer handiest will you have a automobile parking space that appears excellent, the workmanship should closing for many years!

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