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Flavors of Dubai – Sports

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Dubai’s rise to prominence being an worldwide city has significantly transformed the sports arena within this city condition. In the 1980’s typically the most popular sports in Dubai were camel racing and football however with rising disposable incomes the preferences and tastes of their denizens have gone through a radical change.

Horse racing,tennis, golf and skiing have finally taken priority and camel racing continues to be relegated towards the background. One more reason which may be football clubs in dubai for this transformation may be the growing increase of expatriates in to the emirate because of its sky-rocketing recognition within the worldwide business arena. The classic ‘demonstration effect’ appears to stay in play here using the local elite imitating people from other countries when it comes to fashion, sports and automobiles.

Bearing in mind, the immense revenue-earning potential of popular sports like tennis, golf and horse-racing the Dubai government has initiated the making of a multi-billion dollar Dubai Sports City which will host all major sports at one central place.

The federal government can also be sponsoring the making of numerous sports clubs for children which will tap and nurture youthful talent. Construction initiatives are also carried out to advertise niche sports like billiards and ice hockey.

In your next holiday to Dubai do go to the legendary Sharjah Stadium that’s famous around the world for hosting carefully contested India -Pakistan cricketing encounters that always possess a star studded audience. Football has recently, end up being the passion among Dubai’s residents and a number of modern clubs also have popped up in Dubai.

The UAE Football Association (FA) sponsors over 20 football clubs and it is an energetic person in the FIFA. Even lawn tennis, like a sport, has acquired momentum within this city condition that is best reflected within the rising recognition from the Dubai Tennis Championship that draws a large number of tennis fans throughout the Persian Gulf.

Dubai’s topography and the sunshine causes it to be a perfect place to go for golf and also the Emirate of Dubai offers several of the best courses available.

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